Mark Muhumuza

Kampala, Uganda — In 2003, oil became the major export earner for Chad after overtaking cotton that was about 80% of all export earnings.

The development of oil led the country to neglect commercial agriculture and even the oil earnings were not ploughed back into other sectors of the economy. Now the country has realised that food is after all the biggest product any country has. 


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By Omoh Gabriel

Agriculture and agri-business have been identified as vehicle that offers the biggest transformational potential for Africa, with an even greater positive impact on ordinary people’s lives than the mobile phone boom.


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Mohammed S. Shehu

President Goodluck Jonathan said that due to the perennial epileptic power supply, Nigerians expends about $13 billion every year to source power from diesel generators even when the country requires only about $10 billion per year in investment to develop its generation, distribution and transmission capacities.


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