Sylvain Béletre and Russell Southwood

The ICT sector is one of the fastest growing on the African continent. Fueled by heavy investments, telecommunication infrastructures have improved drastically. Over the past five years, Africans have embraced ICT innovations fast especially in the mobile telecommunications and in the IT segments.

The next wave that is about to hit the continent will include new infrastructures such as broadband fibre optic cables and data centres, telecoms added value services and IT innovations. Here is a review of 2010 and key trends to prepare for 2011. 


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Rawlings Otini

The growing volume of e-waste in the region is creating new opportunities for local entrepreneurs and multinationals, who hope to tap into the $14 billion global market.

As the government ups pressure on technology firms and other large-scale importers to manage their electronic waste more efficiently, industrialists are hoping the environmental threat can translate to increased job opportunities and income generating activities.


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Venance George

Kilombero — The widely publicised agricultural revolution, under the Kilimo Kwanza (Agriculture first) banner, is real in Kilombero District, where large swathes of land are being earmarked for large-scale rice production.


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