With increasing commercialization of the agriculture sector in Ethiopia, there are growing demands for inputs of agricultural products by manufacturing industries and for the provision of support services.

condimentsEthiopia has seen sizeable growth in agricultural productivity in recent years. With increasing commercialization of the sector, there are growing demands for inputs of agricultural products by manufacturing industries and for the provision of support services such as the maintenance of tractors, harvesters and other agricultural equipment such as grain silos, cold storage and transport.

The country is endowed with abundant agricultural resources characterised by diverse physical features that allow it to be divided into 18 major agro-ecological zones and 62 sub-zones each with its own physical and biological potential. Given this diversity, there are major investment opportunities in the cultivation of cash crops and horticultural products.

Processing also offers large-scale investment opportunities in Ethiopia, a country with a population of about 80 million.

There are attractive policies and incentives packages for agriculture investors.

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Frank Kanyesigye

Kigali — The government of Rwanda is trying woo the potential investors in the horticulture (fruits and vegetables) and tea sectors.

rwandaThis was revealed recently by the Prime Minister Bernard Makuza while officiating at a one-day high-level agribusiness investment forum, which mainly focused on allowing foreign and domestic agriculture and agro- processing investors to share investment strategies and opportunities.

The conference that brought together investors from the East African Community, Africa, Mid-East, Europe and Asia was organized by Rwanda Development Board (RDB), the Ministry of Agriculture and the World Bank Group.

“This is an opportunity for us to have a dialogue with you on how best to partner and channel our efforts into fostering the development of horticulture and tea sectors,” he said.

He added that Rwanda is committed to programmes and initiatives that aim at fostering trade and investment in horticulture and tea sectors.

“Plans to increase the production of tea are ongoing and currently we have 9,000 hectares of land on which we have already started to plant tea, but we need you with your expertise to partner with us to put up factories to process that tea,” Makuza told investors.

“In horticulture, a range of tropical fruits and vegetables exist in this country; we need investors to process and establish strategic linkages between Rwanda and lucrative markets in Europe, Asia and America. We need you to be part of this”.

According to Agnes Kalibata the Minister of Agriculture and Animal Resources, Rwanda has an ideal climate for horticulture and tea.

“We are ready to make sure that the nuclear land you need for investment will be made available,” she told the investors.

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Gabon has signed investment contracts worth over $1.7-billion with the Singapore-based multinational Olam International Limited.fertiliser plant

The money will be spent on a new fertiliser production plant in the free trade zone in Port Gentil, palm oil and rubber plantations and infrastructure projects.

The deal follows a recent trip by president Ali Bongo to Singapore, which was aimed at strengthening economic relations between the two countries.

President Bongo is striving to attract a mix of investors to boost his government’s modernisation and diversification programme.

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