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Read article by OctoberFirst’s Frank Aneke on Establishing Business in Africa in Dynamic Export Magazine here.

OctoberFirst Consulting Sydney believes that doing business in Africa involves successful identification of credible business partners, assessment of operational risks and development of other factors essential to long-term profitable business outcomes. OctoberFirst Consulting is in business to create a two-way business corridor between Africa and the rest of the world. Our primary goal is to use our local knowledge and match-make business to business partnerships, pitch African challenges with solution providers and offer entrepreneurs new opportunities in emerging markets in Africa.

We assist entrepreneurs, innovators and business leaders meet the right business partners in English-speaking African countries. We organise individual, group and corporate trade missions to emerging African economies. Our trade missions guarantees one-to-one meeting with verified potential business partners.

We are committed to indentifying  opportunities in Africa and consistently strive to bring businesses across cultural and distance barriers to explore mutually beneficial business opportunities. We will work with you in a step-by-step partnership through different stages of starting or expanding your business in Africa.

OctoberFirst Consulting also organises flagship events that educate and provide cutting edge knowledge on how to do business in Africa. If you are worried about where to start exploring business opportunities in Africa, please contact us and let us show you how.

Capacity-building Training in Africa.

Capacity training in Africa

OctoberFirst Consulting also facilitates knowledge transfer and professional training of Africans in their local environment. We source globally-recognised experts to deliver cutting-edge training in nominated sectors. We organise training programs across Digital Marketing, PR, Forensic Accounting, Waste Management, Agribusiness and Customer Service among others. We source experienced training experts from Australia and other developed countries. Our vision is this regard is to further empower a generation of global professionals working in Africa.

Contact us for training opportunities in your local market or to explore our partnership possibilities if you are based in Africa.

OctoberFirst Consulting is a member of New South Wales Business Chamber.

Our team is guided by professional communication ethics and best practice. We offer money-back guarantee for all our services (terms & conditions apply).

If you think we could assist you, please call us on +61 (0)2 977 36672 or send an email: info(at),  follow us on Twitter or join us on Facebook.

Meet OctoberFirst’s Principal, Mr Frank Aneke

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