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Angola: Government Wants Private Operators in Railway Sector

Luanda — The director of Angola’s National Railway Institute (INCFA), Julio Bango,has considered in Luanda, that the participation of private entrepreneurs in the railway business in Angola will help the Government to develop the sector and provide better services to the population.

Addressing the press at the end of a meeting between Transport Minister, Augusto Tomás, and the railway sector officials, the director said that the government is open to partnerships with private Angolan and foreign companies wishing to cooperate, provided they comply with the requirements.

Julio Bango stressed that there is no exclusivity for state companies, as opportunities are open for all willing to intervene in the railway business, controlled by INCFA, which is also in charge of certifying the equipment in use and license operators.

The meeting was attended by representatives of various provinces, as the presidents of the board of directors of the Luanda Railway, CFL, Benguela Railway, CFB, and Mocamedes Railway, CFM, who assessed the memo on the regulation of the railway sector in country and the report of the technical audit, operational and quality of the work in the ongoing sector.


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