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Egypt Transport Chiefs to seek French Investment

CAIRO (Reuters) – Egyptian transport officials including the transport minister will visit France soon to discuss potential investment in subway, rail and other transport projects, the state news agency said on Saturday.

Egypt, faced with a growing population and public discontent after a series of fatal rail, road and sea accidents, is eager to upgrade its creaking transport system. Officials have said they will turn increasingly to private companies for such work.

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South Sudan plans 11 Hydroelectric Plants

By Jeremy Clarke

JUBA, Sudan (Reuters) – South Sudanese authorities have identified eleven sites in the semi-autonomous region where they plan to build hydroelectric plants to exploit the White Nile and other rivers, a government official said on Saturday.

The oil-producing south will vote in a referendum on secession on January 9 and is widely expected to become an independent nation. Southerners will be building a country from scratch after decades of civil war destroyed what little infrastructure there was in the fertile region.

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Mauritius focuses on renewable energy

80% of Mauritius energy is derived from burning imported fossil fuels which is costly and has increased green house gas emissions by 20% since 2000. The government is committed to reducing the dependency on fossil fuel for economic and environmental reasons.

The country recently embarked on the Sustainable Island Programme fund worth US$ 40 million to support the protection of environment through recycling and encouraging more efficient use of renewable energy.

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South Africa sees First Power from Solar Park in 2012

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) – South Africa could produce its first solar power from a solar park by 2012, a senior official said recently.

Africa’s largest economy is increasingly looking towards renewable energy sources to help plug a chronic power shortage and decrease its dependence on the coal-fired power stations that provide most of its electricity.

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