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Liberia: National Waste Management Association Appeals for Support

Marcus Zoleh

The National Waste Management Association of Liberia (NAWMA) has called on the Government of Liberia, the international community and national financial institutions to provide support to the organization to foster the waste management sector of the country. 

Speaking at the official signing ceremony of the memorandum of understanding among its members, the president of the National Waste Management Association of Liberia, Jefferson Nyaniboe said that the waste management sector of the country needs serious attention because according to him, it is a major contributing factor to the National Poverty Reduction Strategy which is the agenda of the Government of Liberia.

“We anxiously request the Government of Liberia, City Mayors, Commissioners, National Financial Institutions and the International Community for relevant support to create the enabling environment and creating decent employment opportunities for Liberians. This is the waste management sector’s own way of contributing to the government’s National Poverty Reduction Strategy, Mr. Nyaniboe noted.

Mr. Nyaniboe cited clean and healthy Liberia, free of waste and full of job opportunities, the development of technical and professional capacity of its members through training and implementation of improved waste management strategies, technologies and systems, as some of the cardinal issues for which the waste management association was formed.

He also stated that the formation of the organization is in fulfillment of Mary Broh’s suggestion to waste management organizations to consolidate their work in managing waste in the country.

Monrovia City Mayor, Acting Mary Broh expressed gratitude for the formation of the National Waste Management Association. She expressed her entity’s willingness to work with the new organization,

Acting Mayor Broh is at the same time calling on the citizens of Liberia to work with their respective city authority in order to have a clean and healthy city in the country.

She also stressed the need for financial assistance to city corporations in every parts of the country. “There is no way we can clean the city without financial assistance, Acting Mayor Broh Asserted

Several waste management organizations including LBRA Sanitation, NC Sanitation Anarco and Sustainable Agriculture Services Union among many others signed the memorandum of understanding.

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