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Nigeria: ATCON Outlines ICT Outlook for 2011

Titi Omo-Ettu

As part of the implementation of the 2011 business plan, the Association of Telecommunication Companies of Nigeria welcomes collaboration on initiatives which conform to its mission for the year. The framework and process of implementation to get endorsement and collaboration has been laid out and the areas of focus for industry development will include the following:

Optimal exploitation of convergence

networkIt is fundamental that the industry is ultimately restructured to reflect the changes that are already taking root and imposed by technological advancement. The benefits of these changes will not be realised by simply willing them to happen but rather by matching those aspirations with credible and tangible investment. It is also desirable that we develop knowledge and skills in emerging technologies as there is a reservoir of knowledge in this realm that needs to be tapped into. A failure to do so will perpetuate our paying over the odds, and for poorer and outmoded services. The Association will mobilize awareness and motivate our members, investors, and businessmen, to invest in appropriate infrastructure construction for the benefit of all our people.

Ubiquitous Broadband Access

It is the primary duty of government to provide access to e-resources for all of us and it can not for reasons of liberalization shirk discharging the responsibility. This extends to providing necessary support to industry players. One good case is the extension of broadband infrastructure across the country as well as providing incentives and financial support to fledging and upstart companies who show promise to disperse major broadband infrastructure and forge ubiquity of access. This is essentially the panacea to mobilizing all Nigerians for production. We shall pursue this and collaborate with others to do so.

Frequency Management

The net industry and social benefits of an efficient frequency management system is yet to be attained. Its mismanagement poses real threat to investment and expansion initiatives. Developing skills in this special area represents an antidote to predictable catastrophe in planning, allocation and management such that the industry reduces pollution and increases re-use. Our Association will align itself with all efforts which seek to improve the industry in this regard.

Titi Omo-Ettu is the President of ATCON (Nigeria)    Image: Unity Broadband.

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