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Tunisia: ‘Telnet’ Becomes Exclusive Maker of Robotics System for U.S. Energy Company

Tunis — A leading Tunisian ICT engineering and consulting group, “Telnet”, has become the exclusive maker of a robotic systems for a US energy company based in Houston (Texas), the official Tunisian press agency, TAP reported recently without specifying the US company’s name.

After telecommunications, multimedia, industry, e-banking, smart cards, cars, security, defense, avionics and information systems, Telnet is embarking in a new strategic field, namely robotics, writes TAP.

The robotics branch, created under the new partnership with the US company, is part of Telnet’s innovation program based on the development of the group’s technological capacities.

The company’s CEO said that “the know-how of Tunisian competencies will enable the development of innovative solutions in energy-related robotics, through Tunisia-made robots that will be marketed throughout the world and offer new solutions to problems of hydrocarbon tanks monitoring, which could not be resolved by any other technology.”

Recently, the group closed an agreement (LINKLAB) with the French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) in France.

LINKLAB is a common R&D platform, which aims at launching joint ventures in the fields of ICTs and new energy technologies.

Created in 1994, TELNET employs 500 employees including 400 engineers.

Source:   Image: Telnet

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