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Africa Market Entry Consulting:

Whatever the size or nature of your business, OctoberFirst Consulting offers a plan that is closely tailored to take your business to your nominated market in Africa. Considering the growing number and geographic scope of market and location alternatives around the world today, expansion and relocation decisions are increasingly becoming riskier and more complex especially when it comes to markets in Africa.

More often than not, critical management decisions are open to personal bias which contribute to the value of using a specialised and objective consultant who can deliver complex market entry solutions within an agreed timeline. We can help you prepare] a feasibility study, business plan for your expansion or relocation, identify suitable distributors, joint venture partners or acquisition targets.

We can also assist you with an introduction to a local Attorney, secure host Government foreign direct investment incentives and facilitate location options in Free Zones or target regional markets.

Investment Promotion Events Management

The competition to attract Australian investors into countries in Africa is growing by the day.

Many African countries are seeking to engage Australian investors but do not have the local capacity within Australia to successfully stage investment promotion event(s).

OctoberFirst Consulting is a leading organiser of investment promotion events for African countries in Australia. Our investment promotion events have their own specific purpose, but common to all is the objective of facilitating economic development and FDI through knowledge gained from first-class, corporate-led programs, networking and peer-to-peer shared best practices. These events result in valuable experiences and connections.

We equally organise exclusive face-to-face investment promotion meetings where potential investor(s) interact directly with representatives of the host country decision-maker(s) in a boardroom setting for a specified time. Our approach produces a personalised platform where both parties can ask critical questions and gain a better understanding of specific investment opportunities, regulatory guidelines, risks and equally gauge the capacity of a potential investor.

OctoberFirst Consulting can create a uniquely customised investment promotion plan for your country, which includes generation of Australia-wide leads in your specific business sector, distribution of invitations and other event management-related activities.

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