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Call for Speakers

ConferenceThe Organising Committee of the inaugural Africa Austral-Asia Infrastructure Conference 2012 wishes to invite company Chief Executives, infrastructure Fund Managers, experts and Government representatives to become VIP delegates or Speakers at this premier event scheduled for September 2012 in Sydney Australia.

Selected dignitaries will join our panel of notable speakers to proffer solutions to challenges hindering infrastructure investment/funding across Sub-Sahara Africa (SSA) countries. The key sectors of focus at the Conference are:

  • Oil & Gas
  • ICT & Telecoms
  • Transport and Aviation
  • Power

The 2-day Conference in Sydney will attract key decision-makers and the best brains in the SSA Infrastructure sector from both Continents and around the Globe.  The event will feature presentations of infrastructure gaps and opportunities in participating African countries, testimonial speeches from African business leaders and breakout sessions for nominated Infrastructure sectors on the second day.

The 2012 Africa Austral-Asia Infrastructure Conference will also offer leading infrastructure funding organisations and Sub Sahara Africa (SSA) experts a unique platform to discuss issues relating to Infrastructure funding, mitigation of risks, PPPs models, breakthroughs and latest trends in SSA infrastructure market.

Topics of Discussion currently include:

Oil and Gas:

  • Key  constraints and challenges in the SSA Oil & Gas  sector
  • Future of Oil & Gas sector, analyzing deposits and global demand for SSA oil and Gas?
  • Securing Oil and Gas Pipelines in SSA: Challenges and Solutions
  • Introducing new entrants into the SSA Gas Sector: Opportunities and Challenges

ICT and Telecoms

  • Future of SSA ICT & Telecoms sector, analyzing potential and demand for ICT and Telecoms services
  • Surmounting  infrastructure gaps in  ICT & Telecoms  sector: Asset Sharing Perspective
  • ICT for Economic growth in SSA
  • The future of satellite TV in Africa, analysing potential and demand for satellite services?
  • Rural telephony opportunities in  SSA
  • Taking advantage of SSA’s growing mobile subscription: Opportunities in mobile content development.

Transport and Aviation

  • Future of SSA Transport & Aviation, analyzing potential and demand for transport and Aviation services
  • Bridging regional gaps in the SSA Aviation  sector
  • Opening  space  for  Integrated Trans-Regional Transport in SSA: opportunities and hurdles
  • Engaging the Maritime sector in SSA: opportunities & constraints


  • Future of SSA Power sector, analyzing potential and demand for power
  • Generation: new technologies, Renewable versus Thermal energy
  • Overcoming  funding  gaps in  Power  sector
  • Challenges of PPPs in Transmission and Distribution
  • Power Generation: new technologies, Renewable versus Thermal energy
  • Can SSA harness Hydropower potentials?

PPPs and Infrastructure Funding:

  • Creating a conducive investment climate for PPPs in SSA
  • Infrastructure Funding Options in SSA
  • Mitigation of risks in SSA PPP projects
  • Bankability of SSA PPP Infrastructure projects: Terms and Conditions
  • The Equity Financing perspective of  Infrastructure Funding
  • Minimising Risks in Private Public Partnership: Role of Due Diligence
  • Successful  PPP models in  SSA

Africa Austral-Asia Conference attendance is a necessity for federal & state government agencies, private sector representatives, Industry experts, Infrastructure fund providers and consultants.

The conference is the forum for SSA and Asia-Pacific key stakeholders to meet, start partnerships, cross-fertilize ideas, challenge assumptions and plan for the future.

For further information, please contact Mr Frank Aneke.

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