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Investment promotion in Australia

Our Pre-event Destination Attractiveness Survey, Exclusive Investment Promotion Meetings and Investment Forum Solutions provide you with information that enables informed decision making, accurate evaluation of investors’ level of interest and sound strategic investment promotion planning; thus, maximizing return-on-investment (ROI).

Common Questions We Help You Answer:

  • How many Australian investors could attend my country investment promotion event in Australia?
  • How do Australian investors view my country as an investment destination?
  • Which business sector(s) in my country could be of great value to potential Australian investors?
  • Who will Australian investors expect to meet at promotion events for my country?
  • How does my country compare with other African countries as acpreferred investment destination?
  • What kind of incentives could attract and keep Australian investors in my country?

Pre-Event Destination Attractiveness Survey

No matter how rewarding investment opportunities might be in any country, it’s still very hard to know what potential investors really think about the country until the critical questions as stated above are answered.

Our pre-event destination attractiveness survey is designed to give your country a realistic report of what potential Australian investors think about your country as an investment destination.

The pre-event survey assists your country to gauge the level of interest of potential investors before making the commitment to host an investment promotion event in Australia. The attractiveness survey equally enables your country to present preferred investment opportunities in niche business sector(s) as requested by the majority of survey responders. Our survey findings are based on the views of decision-makers and industry opinion leaders in nominated business sector(s) in Australia.

Investment Forum

We organise exclusive investment forum(s) for African countries seeking to attract Australian investors into their economy. Our investment forum offers your country an exceptional opportunity to showcase specifics of investment opportunities to Australian investors seeking new investment destinations in Africa.

The investment forum features keynote presentations, break-out sessions and panel discussion session(s).

The event will offer representatives from your country an exclusive platform to holistically address perceptions, risks and other concerns that could influence investment decision(s). Our Investment Forums generate several valuable contacts in one meeting and will offer your country a long list of prospective investors to follow-up in Australia.

Exclusive investment promotion meetings

We plan exclusive investment promotion meetings between invited Australian decision-makers and African country representatives in a boardroom in Australia. The meeting series enables your country’s representatives to interact directly with leaders from businesses across Australia in timed meeting sessions.

The exclusive meetings produce immediate win-win outcomes for both parties. Each potential investor gets to learn the specifics of the investment opportunities while representatives from your country get an excellent chance to gauge capacity and readiness of each potential investor.

Contact us and let us show you how we can work with you in Australia.

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